Stampa Sud was established in 1950 by the Posa family as a small and private family firm.

In 1978 the present president (Pietro Posa) oversaw the development of the company and changed its legal nature in Stampa Sud S.n.c.

In 2003, the company moved to a new and bigger plant premises when the company’s turnover and the number of machines were increasing at a rapid rate.

This was to mark the beginning of the trade development, a confident approach to the national market in the field of advertising, commercial and editorial printing


In 2007 Invitalia s.p.a. supported and backed an investment of 3 millions euros to the company. This allowed us to increase the production capacity and to expand its trade activity in the north of Italy and abroad.

Stampa Sud overcame the difficult period of the mondial crysis and today it we are a leading player in the the graphic printing industry. We currently employ a staff of 80 and generate turnover of approximately 8 millions euros.

In 2010 we opened a commercial branch (Stampa Sud UK) in London in order to capitalize on the European Market.


The commercial development is only one of the aims that Stampa Sud wishes to realize in the coming future.

In order to capitalize and consolidate our company’s position in the national markets, we understand that it will be important to continually improve our technological skills. This will ensure an unparalleled product quality and a customer-oriented service whilst offering new job’s opportunities in the local industry.