Color profile and Job Options

Our Workflow requires that the pdf created from other applications are in accordance with the requirements of the certification’s law.

Our pre-press staff prefers to create Pdf as this ensures the conversion in the best possible way in accordance to the kind of papers and numbers of colors of the printing process. That is true for all work especially High quality works.

On this page it is possible to download 2 certified Job Option..

Download the files

ISO 12647-2 is not sufficient to ensure the best result in the printing phase.

During the conversion phase from RGB to CMYK, besides the reduction of the color’s space (Gamut) and the reduction of contrast and brightness, certain essential information can be neglected that would allow an optimal printed solution.

One of the most important factors is the kind of paper that the document must be printed on, because the result will be different if the file is printed on gloss or on matt or on uncoated paper. This way we can identify the best profile to compensate the different Dot gain and the different color’s reflection on the different papers as written above.

For publications that have exact and high specifications, we advise that you to submit the file in RGB format. For less exacting or demanding publications, you can download our ICC profiles (color profiles) to obtain a certified conversion.

Download ICC stampasud profiles

Download Norma ISO 12647-2 profiles