ISO 12647-2

Our company respects the law ISO 12647-2 in all the phases of printing production. This is it is an international law that ensures the security and quality of the printed product
During the pre-press stage, our graphics have the skills to offer a Color Management service and which carefully control the following elements:

  • Monitor profiles must be in accordance with the law ISO 12646;
  • The Digital Proof must be in accordance with the law ISO 12647-7;
  • the use of individual profiles for special papers;
  • the creation of “job options” that include the guidelines to create pdf Adobe (to download the Job Options click here),
  • the use of certified profiles to convert from RGB to CMYK (Iso Coated v2 eci) (to download the profiles click here);
  • the use of dot gain compensation curves CTP according to the typology of the printed paper;

During the press stage, the following controls are adhered to:

  • Paper whiteness check ISO 12647-2;
  • inks Check in accordance with the law ISO 2846-1;
  • Lighting conditions for viewing according to ISO 3664;
  • Density and CieLAB values Check, Gray Balance Check

Thanks to spectrodensitometer instruments we are able to deliver, with the printed publications, report that highlights the respect for tolerance (Delta E) compared to the CieLAB values in accordance with the law.